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Interactive workshops that make an impact Interactive workshops that make an impact

Engage your educators with practical tools and research-based strategies designed for classroom implementation. SuppportEd’s PD workshops build on the tools and strategies from our best-selling books. 

Workshop Topics Workshop Topics

Advocating for English Learners

  • Advocacy and leadership for MLs
  • Collaborating and co-teaching for MLs
  • Equitable assessment and grading for MLs
  • Supporting MLs’ pathways to graduation

Culturally Responsive Teaching For Multilingual Learners

  • Advocating and leading for culturally responsive teaching for MLs
  • Building educators’ cultural competency through self-reflection
  • Culturally responsive teaching for MLs: an overview
  • Fostering a student-centered classroom for MLs
  • Leveraging MLs’ cultural and linguistic backgrounds
  • Promoting MLs’ assets
  • Simultaneously supporting and challenging MLs
  • Uniting MLs’ schools, families, and communities


  • Collaborating with paraprofessionals in support of MLs
  • Developing an ML strategic plan
  • Developing MLs’ literacy skills
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for MLs
  • Supporting MLs in career and technical education programs


  • Instructional strategies to support ML newcomers
  • Program development for ML newcomers
  • Social emotional support for ML newcomers


  • Instructional strategies to support SLIFE
  • Program development for SLIFE
  • Social emotional support for SLIFE

Supporting MLs in the Content Areas (based on Unlocking English Learners’ Potential)

  • Building background knowledge for MLs
  • Formative assessment for MLs
  • Grading for MLs
  • Instructional strategies to support MLs: an overview
  • Peer Learning: fostering MLs’ oral language development and content understanding
  • Scaffolding instruction for MLs
  • Supporting MLs in reading and writing across the curriculum
  • Teaching academic language to MLs at the sentence and discourse levels
  • Vocabulary instruction and MLs

Provide the training your content and ELD teachers deserve Provide the training your content and ELD teachers deserve

Hands-on Learning Hands-on Learning

Immerse your educators in an engaging and practical interactive workshop experience.

Personalized Solutions Personalized Solutions

Experience personalized workshops specifically designed to fit your district’s instructional context.

Flexible Formats Flexible Formats

Choose between in-person half or full day sessions, or a variety of virtual session types.

Our teachers have given us nothing but positive feedback. Registrations fill up quickly for each session. The content is substantive enough to benefit our experienced teachers, yet delivered in a manner that is easily understood by our new teachers. These sessions are an essential part of our District’s comprehensive Title III PD plan and well-worth the investment.

— Wanda Gonzalez-Crespo

Assistant Superintendent for School Improvement
Reading School District | Reading, PA

Technical Assistance

Our team of ML experts can overhaul and develop curriculum, assessment, strategic planning, and program development.

Educational Books

Authored by members of the SupportEd team, receive bulk discounts, in-depth instructional insight, activities, videos, and more. 

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Our library is filled with a variety of tools that can be implemented in classrooms, schools, or districts to help champion MLs.