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The SupportEd team always has something good in the works. Take a look at some of our upcoming book releases.

Unlocking Multilingual Learners’ Potential: Strategies for Making Content Accessible [2nd Edition]

In this book, we revisit our iconic once-in-a-generation text for assisting a new generation of students with updated techniques, guides, and more to further assist educators and administrators of Multilingual Learners.

Expected release date: Fall 2023

Social-Emotional Learning for Multilingual Learners

With the working title Social-Emotional Learning for Multilingual Learners, this book will touch on all things social emotional learning for educators of multilingual learners. SEL has a positive impact on a wide range of outcomes, including academic performance, healthy relationships, mental wellness, and more. Learn how to implement these into your teachings and schools.

Expected release date: Winter January 2024

Technical Assistance

Our team of ML experts can overhaul and develop curriculum, assessment, strategic planning, and program development.

Educational Books

Authored by members of the SupportEd team, receive bulk discounts, in-depth instructional insight, activities, videos, and more. 

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A dynamic and inspiring experience to dive deeper into the world of Multilingual Learners (MLs) at your event, conference, or panel.