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Mindi Teich, MEd

Multilingual Learner Coach

Mindi Teich has been an advocate for English Learner students and their teachers for over 20 years. She began her career as an ESL teacher in DC Public Schools (DCPS). During her time as an ESL teacher, she worked with students in pull out, push in, and co-teaching environments. It was during her own co-teaching experience that Mindi embraced the co-teaching model and recognized the benefits for ELs. While still teaching, she worked with District staff to develop and implement training on collaborative practices for classroom and ESL teachers.

As part of the DCPS Language Acquisition Division, Mindi spent 10 years providing professional development and on-site coaching to DCPS teachers who worked with language learners. She focused primarily on supporting literacy development for English learners and helped develop District guidance for working with English learners during Guided Reading and Close Reading. Most recently, Mindi worked as a coach and coordinator of a pilot project, Together is Better (TIB), supporting co-teaching in the School District of Philadelphia.

As a coach, Mindi worked at school sites to support co-teaching teams in planning and delivering lessons that included best practices for ELs. She modeled lessons, co-taught alongside teachers, and encouraged reflective conversations among co-teaching teams. Mindi also participated in school walkthroughs and helped to develop and facilitate full day professional development for TIB participants. With the emergency closings in March 2020, Mindi stepped in to support the School District of Philadelphia by providing digital lessons for Newcomers in Grades K-2 through the end of the school year. Mindi earned her Master’s in Education at Marymount University. She lives in Downingtown, PA with her husband, three children and very friendly golden retriever. She enjoys kayaking, hiking, cooking, and travel.

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