SupportEd’s First Guiding Principle: ELs Bring Many Strengths to the Classroom

  • Posted by Sydney Snyder
  • On February 13, 2017
  • EL, ELL, English learner, student strengths
By Sydney Snyder | February 13, 2017 At SupportEd we frame all of our work — from professional development to technical writing to research in the field — on the following five essential guiding principles: 1. ELs bring many strengths to the classroom. 2. ELs learn best when they are taught in a welcoming and supportive school climate. […]
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February 2013 Newsletter

  • Posted by Diane Staehr Fenner
  • On January 30, 2013
  • Common Core, EL, ELL, English language learner, English learner, NABE, Professional Development, TESOL
Thank you for keeping up with DSF Consulting! As always, our team was busy in January working on multiple projects to support English learners’ academic achievement. Blogs and Other Writing Colorin Colorado: Diane posted four lengthier blogs related to the Common Core for ELs on Colorin Colorado website, a popular bilingual website for educators and families […]
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