SupportEd Launches New Multilingual Learner Strategy Toolbox

FAIRFAX, VA — SupportEd, a leader in multilingual learner professional development, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the Multilingual Learner Instructional Strategy Toolbox. This dynamic digital product has been meticulously designed to empower educators with proven multilingual learner instructional practices.

The toolbox features 30 ready-to-implement strategies and numerous  pre-designed activity templates, focusing on five key instructional practices: scaffolding, peer learning, academic language development, reading and writing engagement, and formative assessment.

Created as a companion to SupportEd’s acclaimed new book, Unlocking Multilingual Learners’ Potential: Strategies for Making Content Accessible (2nd ed.) authored by Diane Staehr Fenner, PhD, Sydney Snyder, PhD, and Meghan Gregoire-Smith, MA, the toolbox is not only a standalone resource, but is also enhanced when used in conjunction with the book.

The Multilingual Learner Instructional Strategy Toolbox is versatile and can be used by various types of educators. This includes English language development (ELD) educators and general classroom teachers. The toolbox can also be used in collaborative settings such as professional learning communities or grade-level teams and in professional learning environments where instructional coaches, administrators, or ELD specialists can use the toolbox to introduce and model new strategies.

"Our goal with the toolbox was to provide a solution that is not only convenient, but also highly effective with strategies that are readily implementable," explained Diane Staehr Fenner, President and Founder of SupportEd. "Given our team's background as K-12 educators, we understand the challenges of time constraints and the need for efficient planning and preparation. This toolbox is designed to reduce those pressures and enhance teachers’ instruction of multilingual learners" stated Staehr Fenner.

One free demo strategy from the toolbox is available for users to download and test out. Download your free demo here. The complete toolbox is available now for $25. Visit to purchase your Multilingual Learner Instructional Strategy Toolbox.

About SupportEd

SupportEd is a woman-owned business based in Fairfax, Virginia providing Multilingual Learner (ML) professional development, personalized coaching, technical assistance, and resources for educators across the United States and Canada. Founded in 2011 by Dr. Diane Staehr Fenner, four-time best-selling author and ML expert, SupportEd builds authentic partner relationships and meticulously crafts customized solutions to fit every partner’s strengths and goals. SupportEd equips teachers and administrators with the practical tools and strategies necessary to champion MLs’ success within and beyond the classroom. Visit or call (202) 660-1444 to learn more.

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