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Strategic Planning Process

  • Manage EML Master Plan development process
  • Plan and schedule meetings
  • Notify key stakeholders
  • Interview key stakeholders
  • Analyze student data
  • Conduct needs assessment
  • Meet with Internal and External working Groups for input
  • Identify important topics for inclusion
  • Write draft EML Master Plan
  • Iteratively integrate Internal and External Working Groups’ advice
  • Include stakeholder voices
  • Finalize EML Master Plan
  • Distribute approved EML Master Plan
  • Implement plan
  • Develop and provide recommended professional learning opportunities
  • Evaluate results

Strategic Planning Components

Identification process

Program models


Instructional approaches


Access to other programs

Progress monitoring

Family and community engagement

Professional development

Program evaluation

Samples of our work

Three-Year Strategic Plan

Department of English as a New Language and Bilingual Education

Program Guidebook for English Language Learner Education

Syracuse City School District Office of English as a New Language and Bilingual Education

Master Plan for English Learners and Standard English Learners

Los Angeles Unified School District Division of Instruction

Sample Projects

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), California

SupportEd partnered with the Center for Applied Linguistics to revise LAUSD’s English Learner and Standard English Learner Master Plan. This plan serves more than 160,000 ELs. SupportEd Senior Consultants Teddi Predaris and Joanne Urrutia led stakeholder committee meetings in Los Angeles to solicit input on the content of the plan and applied their expertise as district administrators to provide input on the content and share feedback on each stage of the development of the five-year plan.

Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS), Kentucky

We are working with JCPS to develop a new EL Master Plan for the district’s growing English Learner population. We have conducted a multi-faceted needs assessment and have met with groups of internal and external stakeholders to solicit input for a plan tailored to the specific strengths and needs of the district. SupportEd has been including the feedback and input from the district as part of an iterative process to finalize an EL Master Plan that will define a clear pathway for ELs’ success in JCPS.

Syracuse Central School District (SCSD), New York

We provided ongoing technical assistance and professional development to SCSD for multiple years as they implemented NY State policies affecting the district’s growing population of ELs and their teachers. We worked with SCSD to ensure their compliance with state and federal policies so that all ELs were served. As part of this project, SupportEd developed an online survey on school-level implementation of state and district policy, a three-year district strategic plan for EL and bilingual services, an EL program guidebook, support for dual language programming, and EL scheduling recommendations and resources.

Reading School District (RSD), Pennsylvania

We collaborated with RSD to develop their first EL Action Plan (or Master Plan) for the district’s rapidly growing English Learner population. First, we conducted a needs assessment which included a review of policies and procedures, student data, classroom observations, and interviews with stakeholders, to determine current strengths and needs of the program. Next, meet with groups of internal and external stakeholders to solicit additional input for plan development. SupportEd included the feedback and input from the district on an ongoing basis as the final EL Action Plan was developed. Additionally, SupportEd collaboratively worked with RSD to review and revise EL program models and the English language development instructional delivery plan, and to develop a professional development plan, a K-12 ESL standards-aligned curriculum, and an ESL Program Handbook.

“Our teachers loved the format, the content, and the discussion. Most importantly, a year later, they are still incorporating what they learned in their daily instructional practices with ELs.”

— Samuel Klein

 Supervisor, Office of English Learners
Arlington Public Schools, VA

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