Face to Face Professional Development

At SupportEd, we are go-to experts for face to face and blended professional development (PD) to support English learner (EL) achievement. We create original PD content framed around research, best practice, our best-selling books, blog posts, and other original content. Our PD embodies effective tenets of adult learning theory by including modeling strategies through interactive activities and classroom video clips. All of our PD incorporates application tasks that provide an opportunity for participants to apply what they have learned to their own context and students.

Selected PD Topics*

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Based on our book Culturally Responsive Teaching for Multilingual Learners (MLs)

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching for MLs overview
  • Defining culture and its role in teaching and learning
  • Assets-based approaches to instructing and assessing MLs
  • Simultaneously supporting and challenging MLs
  • Placing MLs at the center of learning
  • Leveraging MLs’ linguistic and cultural backgrounds
  • Strengthening ML family and community engagement

Instructional Strategies

Based on our book Unlocking English Learners’ (ELs) Potential

  • Scaffolding instruction for ELs across content areas
  • Teaching academic language to ELs
  • Fostering ELs’ language development in the four domains
  • Formative assessment for ELs
  • Supporting ELs’ oral language development
  • Developing ELs’ literacy skills
  • Selecting and developing ELs’ background knowledge
  • Making text accessible to ELs
  • Scaffolding instruction for ELs in ELA and social studies
  • Scaffolding instruction for ELs in math and science

EL Advocacy, Leadership, Equity, and Family Engagement

Based on our book Advocating for English Learners

  • Effectively advocating for ELs
  • Programming and serving unique EL populations
  • Increasing EL family and community engagement
  • Strengthening educators’ collaboration, leadership, and advocacy skills to support ELs
  • Increasing EL graduation rates

Additional Topics

Not based on our current publications

  • Social-Emotional Learning for Multilingual Learners (MLs)
  • Working with paraprofessionals to support ELs
  • Collaboration and co-teaching to support ELs
  • Supporting Exited ELs
  • Programming to serve ELs within a dual language, bilingual, or Career and Technical Education setting
  • Equitably grading ELs
  • Supporting students with limited or interrupted formal education (SLIFE)
  • EL Master Plan Development for Administrators and Leadership

*Other topics upon request

We customize F2F PD specifically for you. We will:

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