What I Know About My Multilingual Learner (ML) Google Slides Template

Before the pandemic, information sharing between teachers often happened in passing–in the hallway, over lunch, after school. Working virtually during distance learning has made sharing information about students even harder. 
As always, educators rise to the challenge, adapt quickly, and have been creating virtual tools for sharing information, like Hollie Craddock’s WIDA-Student Slides Template. Craddock has suggested having students record their names so teachers can hear the correct pronunciation.
Today, we’d like to share a new Google Slides template version of our original “What I Know About My EL” tool (adapted from Unlocking English Learners’ Potential). You can use it when providing distance learning exclusively, face-to-face instruction with social distancing, or a hybrid approach.

What I Know About My Multilingual Leaner (ML) Google Slides Template 

This template provides space to note students’ home language, home language literacy, most recent English Language Proficiency testing data, educational experiences, family backgrounds, interests, and goals. It also includes instructions for how to insert a recording of your student pronouncing their name. Click below to make a copy of the Slides so you can customize to your liking.

The following link will prompt you to make a copy of this Google Slides template.

Click Here to Access the ‘What I Know About My ML’ Google Slides Template

Once you and your colleagues have gathered student information, you can share these slides with each other. Before sharing, check with your school leaders about student privacy, and configure the sharing permissions so only colleagues within your school can access the slides. Read more about student privacy considerations in this article by Colorín Colorado, or further explore this topic in their article 10 Things You Need to Learn About Your English Language Learners.