Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to SupportEd or looking to learn more about Multilingual Learner (ML) education, browse our frequently asked questions below to learn more about us, our business, and our solutions.

General General

What does SupportEd do?

We provide professional development, technical assistance, and resources specializing in Multilingual Learners (MLs) for school districts, states, and organizations.

Where is SupportEd located?

SupportEd headquarters is located in the Washington, DC metro region in Fairfax, Virginia.

What grade levels does SupportEd work with?

We work with educators at all K-12 grade levels.

What regions does SupportEd typically work with?

We support districts in any U. S. state or Canadian province.

What does ML mean?

ML stands for Multilingual Learner.

Why is it important to support MLs?

MLs bring numerous assets to their education, but they have historically achieved at levels lower than their fluent English-speaking peers, have routinely been excluded from programming and opportunities that could benefit them, and tend to graduate at lower levels than fluent English speakers.

How do I contact SupportEd?

Contact us Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm via email at or via phone at (202) 660-1444.

Professional Development Professional Development

Does SupportEd offer in-person professional development?

Yes. We offer in-person professional development in the length of half day or full day workshops.

Does SupportEd offer virtual professional development?

Yes. We offer virtual, synchronous professional development workshops to choose from in the format and lengths of:

• One hour
• Two hours
• Half day
• Full day

Does SupportEd offer any asynchronous professional development?

Yes. We offer self-paced learning which includes online book studies, online courses, and facilitated courses of various lengths.

Can educators earn professional development hours from SupportEd?

Yes. We offer a range of PD hours and issue a personalized PD certificate upon completion of our virtual PD courses including workshops, book studies, on-demand courses, and facilitated courses.

Is coaching only offered in-person?

No. While the majority of our coaching is offered in person, we also offer virtual coaching options.

What is available for self-paced learning PD opportunities?

We have self-paced learning that includes online courses and book studies with a flexible start and stop format to fit busy schedules.

Technical Assistance Technical Assistance

I’m interested in technical assistance for my district, how do I get started?

Contact us via our inquiry form to get the process started. We will work through our process of meeting to discucssneeds and goals and will move forward with an official proposal.

What solutions are included in technical assistance?

Our technical assistance solution includes curriculum, assessment, strategic planning, and program development.

Books and Resources Books and Resources

Are SupportEd’s books available for purchase?

Yes. You can conveniently purchase our books directly from our website and have them shipped to you at no additional cost.

Which books authored by SupportEd do you offer?

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching forMultilingual Learners
  • Breaking Down the Wall
  • Unlocking English Learners’ Potential
  • Evaluating ALL Teachers of English Learners and Students with Disabilities
  • Advocating for English Learners

Do all of SupportEd’s resources have a fee?

No. We have a wide variety of free resources for download.

What resource topics does SupportEd offer?

Topics we offer from our resource library include academic language, advocacy, cultural responsive teaching, equitable assessment and grading, oral language development, scaffolding, social emotional learning (SEL), and SLIFE.

What resource formats does SupportEd offer?

Resource formats we offer include webinars, articles, and printables such as guides, checklists, infographics, and more.
Technical Assistance

Our team of ML experts can overhaul and develop curriculum, assessment, strategic planning, and program development.

Educational Books

Authored by members of the SupportEd team, receive bulk discounts, in-depth instructional insight, activities, videos, and more. 

Speaker Request

A dynamic and inspiring experience to dive deeper into the world of Multilingual Learners (MLs) at your event, conference, or panel.