Are your courses only for ESL teachers?

No! We encourage content and grade level teachers as well as administrators to sign up so we can join together in experiencing the joy of helping ELs succeed.

Who leads these courses?

Our courses are developed and facilitated by our team of bestselling book authors and EL experts.

What interaction will I have with the facilitators?

Each course features multiple professional learning community (PLC) discussions facilitated by SupportEd’s team of book authors and EL experts. These interactive discussions provide opportunities to apply strategies, share recommendations, and develop new ideas with colleagues from across the nation. You can also reach out directly to the facilitator by email.

Do I need to be in a certain place at a certain time to take part in the course?

No! We know your schedules are busy – that’s why our courses are self-paced and designed to maximize learning in a flexible environment. The tasks are asynchronous, which means you can watch the recorded presentations and videos, do the activities, and participate in the discussions at a time convenient for you.

Do I have to start my course right away, or can I wait and do it all in the last week?

We recommend that participants start right away, as each course is focused around PLC discussions which span the length of the entire course. There are suggested deadlines for each component (or portion of the course) to help you pace yourself. Logging into SupportEd’s Online School and introducing yourself as soon as the course begins is the first step in successfully completing the course.

Do I need to purchase a book?

While not required, we suggest you enrich your course experience by purchasing either of our books that correspond directly with course materials: Unlocking English Learners’ Potential (recommended for Strategies for Building ELs’ Academic Language, Strategies for Making Content Accessible to ELs, and Creating a Culturally Responsive School Climate) or Advocating for English Learners (recommended for Effectively Advocating for ELs). 

How do I know if I’ve completed all the requirements?

We’ve provided a checklist of the required tasks as part of the syllabus. Please use this to check off the tasks as you complete them. You may receive some friendly reminders as well but the checklist is your main tool.

What happens if I need to cancel the course or I can’t complete it?

A refund will be provided up until the starting day of the course. After the start of the course, no refund or credit for future courses will be offered.

How much time will I need to complete the course?

A commitment of 1.5-2 hours of your time per week is all you need to meet the pacing timeline and complete all course requirements.

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