Using ESSER Funds to Strengthen Your English Learner (EL)

and Multilingual Learner (ML) Program

Contact SupportEd to see how we can curate a package of research-based programs tailored to meet the needs of your district’s educators of ELs and MLs.

Empower your EL Program by utilizing ESSER funds with SupportEd

In response to the trauma and disruption caused by COVID-19, the Federal Government has signed three rounds of Elementary
and Secondary School Relief (ESSER) funding into law to “address learning loss through evidence-based interventions.”

ESSER, ESSER II, and ESSER III represent the largest infusion of direct funding support to districts in American history.

Title I ESSER and Funding

Using ESSER Funds to Support English Learners (ELs)

The federal government has prioritized use of ESSER funds for activities that address the needs of English Learners and other historically marginalized groups. This includes programs that address the acute challenges caused by COVID-19 as well as initiatives that address historic and systemic inequities in education.

SupportEd is actively working with our partners to translate this funding opportunity into impactful solutions for their educators and ELs. We are collaborating with partners to utilize ESSER funds to meet federal ESSA requirements for English Learners, including:

  • Professional Development for Teachers
  • English Learner Instructional and Curricular Materials
  • Tools or Strategies that Promote Language Acquisition
  • Strategies for Engaging Multilingual Families

Put Your ESSER Funds to Good Use

SupportEd understands the unprecedented challenges administrators have faced during COVID-19 as schools and districts have adapted to hybrid and distance learning environments. To reduce the stress of adding “another thing” for you and your educators, SupportEd offers customizable packages that meet your needs. We can help you quickly bridge the gap between your ESSER application and programs that begin to shift learning outcomes for your ELs.

Find out about the SupportEd services you can include in your ESSER Application Package:

Our relationship with SupportEd has been a true model of professional collaboration. We have been working with SupportEd for the past few years as a district and the learning that they have provided has been exactly what our schools needed at the time they needed it. The SupportEd team listens well to our needs, are open to suggestions and tweaks and are very flexible, especially in the times that we are in. We have truly become partners in the work of building capacity of the staff of our emergent multilingual learners (MLs).
Tamara Hewlett, Two Way Immersion / ESOL Coordinator
Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland

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