Advocating for English Learners PLC and Book Study Questions

Questions to Facilitate Educators’ Discussions of the Book

Many school districts are using Diane Staehr Fenner’s book Advocating for English Learners: A Guide for Educators as a foundation for their book study or Professional Learning Community (PLC). To help guide educators’ discussions around the topics in this book, we’ve designed discussion questions framed around the book’s chapters. We encourage you to download this useful list of questions and launch your own groups to focus on advocating for English Learners.



Best Practices in Scheduling for English Learner Education

Maximizing Resources and Serving Students Effectively

Creating a schedule that will meet the needs of your English learner population can be quite a challenge! This infographic presents some best practices in designing effective schedules so you will be able to effectively leverage ESOL/bilingual teachers to meet the educational needs of your English learners in all of their classes.


Creating a Welcoming Environment for English Learners (ELs) and Their Families

A Checklist for Schools

This checklist is a tool that you can use to evaluate the steps your school is taking to make ELs and their families feel welcome. Once you have assessed what you are currently doing, you can set goals for creating a more welcoming environment at your school.


The CCSS Curriculum Rubric

Meeting the Instructional Needs of English Learners

The CCSS Curriculum Rubric is a tool to determine the extent to which lesson plans based on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) meet the educational needs of ELs of varying proficiency levels. This rubric originally appeared on Colorín Colorado’s Common Core and ELLs blog in February 2014.