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Culturally Responsive Teaching for Multilingual Learners: Tools for Equity

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Our nation’s moment of reckoning with the deficit view of multilingual learners has arrived. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed and exacerbated long-standing inequities that stand in the way of MLs’ access to effective instruction. Recent events have also caused us to reflect on our place as educators within the intersection of race and language. In this innovative book, you'll find practical, replicable ways you can draw from students’ strengths and promote multilingual learners’ success within and beyond your classroom. In this book you’ll find:

Practical and printable tools that guide you on how to implement culturally responsive teaching in your context.

  Case studies and reflection exercises to help identify implicit bias in your work and mitigate deficit-based thinking.

  Authentic classroom video clips in each chapter to show you what culturally responsive teaching looks like in practice.

  Hand-drawn sketch note graphics that spotlight key concepts and reinforce central themes with memorable illustrations.

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Chapter 1 - Why Culturally Responsive Teaching Matters

Chapter 2 - Building Cultural Competency

Chapter 3 - Operating from an Assets-Based Approach

Chapter 4 - Simultaneously Supporting and Challenging Students

Chapter 5 - Places Students at the Center of Learning

Chapter 6 - Leveraging Students’ Linguistic and Cultural Backgrounds

Chapter 7 - Uniting Students’ schools, families, and Communities

Chapter 8 - Putting it all Together


 Sydney Snyder, PhD,  Principal Associate at SupportEd, coaches ML educators and develops and facilitates interactive professional development for teachers of MLs. She also works with the SupportEd team to offer technical assistance to school districts and educational organizations. Dr. Snyder has extensive instructional experience and has worked in the field of English language development (ELD) for over 25 years. She started her teaching career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guinea, West Africa. This experience ignited her passion for language teaching, culturally responsive instruction, and ML advocacy. Dr. Snyder is co-author of Culturally Responsive Teaching for Multilingual Learners: Tools for Equity and contributing author to Breaking Down the Monolingual Wall. She served as an English Teaching Fellow at Gadja Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She earned her Ph.D. in Multilingual/Multicultural Education at George Mason University and her M.A.T in TESOL at the School for International Training.


Diane Staehr Fenner, PhD, president and founder of SupportEd, established the company in 2011 as a way to serve educators who work to help multilingual learners (MLs) realize their full potential. Dr. Staehr Fenner is an author of six educational learning books. She is a frequent keynote presenter on ML education at conferences across North America. She spent a decade as an ESOL teacher, dual language assessment teacher, and ESOL assessment specialist in Fairfax County Public Schools, VA and taught English in Mexico and Germany. She earned her Ph.D. in Multilingual/Multicultural Education with an emphasis in Literacy at George Mason University. She earned her MAT in TESOL at the School for International Training and her Masters in German at Penn State University. She lives in Fairfax, VA with her husband and three school-age kids who learned math and science through Spanish in their public elementary school. Dr. Staehr Fenner grew up on a dairy farm in New York State’s Finger Lakes region and is a first-generation college graduate.

ISBN: 9781544390253

Release Date: February 2021

Page Count: 352

Publisher: Corwin

Format: Paperback

Language: English

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