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Culturally Responsive School Checklist & Goal Setting

K-12 administrators, teachers, school counselors

Culturally Responsive Teaching

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Culturally Responsive School Checklist and Goal Setting for teachers and schools

Equity for MLs is grounded in guiding principles for culturally responsive teaching. The Culturally Responsive School Checklist supports educators in assessing their classrooms, schools, or districts using look-fors aligned to five guiding principles for culturally responsive teaching and then developing goals to strengthen their culturally responsive practices.


The checklist can be used by various stakeholders, such as administrators, teachers, school counselors, and other school staff, to assess the school’s culturally responsive practices related to each of the five guiding principles. Working groups comprised of these stakeholders can determine goals and action steps to strengthen the schools’ practices in each of the areas.

Central office staff could use this tool to audit schools across a district to determine district-wide trends and action steps.

How It Works

Step 1: Individually or with a small group, reflect on the presence of each of the look-fors, grouped by guiding principle, in your context. Add your own look-fors for each guiding principle.

Step 2: In cases in which the look-for is not present, brainstorm what you will do to improve how the look-for is incorporated in your classroom or school.

Step 3: Based on your responses in the checklist, choose one guiding principle to focus on and list three steps you can take to strengthen that guiding principle in your context.

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