Culturally Responsive Teaching and Social-Emotional Learning among topics from Supported’s NABE Presentations

NEW YORK CITY, February 18, 2022 — The SupportEd content team attended and presented at the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE) Conference on February 7-10 in New York City. NABE, a non-profit membership organization, strives to advocate for educational equity and academic excellence for bilingual/multilingual students in a global society since 1975. The annual conference is intended for teachers in the field of dual language, ESL, administrators, paraprofessionals, university professors, students, researchers, advocates, policymakers, and parents. The SupportEd content team, Mindi Teich, MA, ML Coach; Sydney Snyder, PhD, Principal Associate; Meghan Gregoire-Smith, MA, ML Coach; and Diane Staehr Fenner, PhD, President, all presented a wide-range of topics including:
  • Engaging Multilingual Learners in Self-Assessment and Goal Setting
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching for Multilingual Learners
  • Social Emotional Learning to Foster Equity for Multilingual Learners
  • Engaging Multilingual Learners in Academic Conversations
“Our team was honored to present at such a respected conference,” expressed Staehr Fenner. “This is what we do – support educators of multilingual learners and share our ideas. Whether it’s our PD, on-demand courses, book studies, or anything in between, we are advocates and allies for all educators and administrators. Being able share our work with so many from all over the country is what we strive for,” Staehr Fenner stated. Presentations included hands-on activities, concepts, and actionable strategies for the classroom. Topics were derived from portions of SupportEd’s best-selling educational books, including Culturally Responsive Teaching for Multilingual Learners: Tools for Equity, and Unlocking English Learners’ Potential: Strategies for Making Content Accessible. To learn more about SupportEd’s professional development, visit To purchase copies of SupportEd’s educational books, visit About NABE Since 1975, the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE) has been a non-profit membership organization that works to advocate for educational equity and academic excellence for bilingual/multilingual students in a global society. NABE’s priorities include:  Improving instructional programs and practices for linguistically and culturally diverse children; providing bilingual and dual language educators with high-quality professional development opportunities; securing adequate funding for quality dual language programs serving English Learners (ELs); and keeping the rights of ELs clearly in focus as states and communities move forward with sustainable educational reforms. About SupportEd SupportEd, LLC is a woman-owned small business based in Fairfax, VA specializing in Multilingual Learners (MLs). Founded in 2011 by Dr. Diane Staehr Fenner, best-selling author and ML expert, SupportEd meticulously crafts customized solutions to fit each client’s strengths, needs, and provides teachers and administrators the practical tools necessary to champion MLs’ success within and beyond the classroom. All SupportEd team members have prior experience in the classroom which enables the SupportEd team to provide realistic, actionable solutions. Services include online and in-person immersive professional development workshops, easy-to-implement tools and resources, and an array of supporting services. Visit or call (202) 660-1444 to learn more.
Michele Iris