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Amplify educator learning with coaching aligned to your PD and instructional focus Amplify educator learning with coaching aligned to your PD and instructional focus

SupportEd understands the unprecedented stress faced by school systems and Multilingual Learner (ML) Programs over the past few years. Empower your content and English language development (ELD) educators with one-to-one guidance and actionable strategies to champion ML student success. 


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Reading School District, Pennsylvania

SupportEd has been collaborating with the Reading School District (RSD) to support the instruction of English learners (ELs) since 2018. Over the course of the collaboration, SupportEd has provided support to RSD central office staff, school administrators, and teachers working at the middle and elementary school levels. SupportEd has conducted interviews, classroom observations, needs assessments, and community focus groups and incorporated the information into an EL Action Plan provided to the district. SupportEd has also provided professional development and coaching for classroom and ESL teachers at all five middle schools in the Reading School District. At the elementary level, SupportEd has provided schoolwide professional development and coaching of selected teachers in best practices to support ELs. Professional development is carefully tailored to meet the needs of teachers observed during baseline classroom visits and coaching. SupportEd developed coaching tools to support teacher reflection and professional growth that are used in all coaching visits. SupportEd shares coaching summaries with school administrators after each coaching cycle and a final written report for the Reading ESL Department, which summarizes the work, highlights successes, and suggests the next steps. This work has led to an increased understanding of research-based practices for supporting ELs as well as greater implementation of these strategies in schools where we have coached.

Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland

SupportEd has been collaborating with Montgomery County Public Schools’ (MCPS’) since SY2019-20, starting with a cohort of eight elementary schools, which eventually expanded into 4 cohorts of schools, including elementary, middle, and high school, each participating in a 2-year multi-faceted professional development program. SupportEd developed a professional development plan for each cohort based on information collected during classroom observations, school-based focus groups, and analysis of student data. Professional development focused in three areas: oral language development, scaffolding, and development of academic language. Additional components of the professional development plan included coaching and observation, online work and asynchronous work, and ongoing communication and feedback sessions with MCPS staff.

The School District of Philadelphia

(2019 – 2022): In partnership with co-teaching expert Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld, SupportEd contributed to a three-year project designed to support SDP’s “Together is Better” Initiative to pilot and research effective co-teaching models in grades K – 3 in three city schools. SupportEd conducted classroom walk-throughs, needs assessments, and focus groups for ESOL and K-3 teachers led by Kent Buckley-Ess. This was followed by multiple trainings for school leadership teams led by Dr. Honigsfeld. In 2021, SupportEd reconnected with SDP to roll out phase two of "Together is Better," a 2-year initiative. During this second phase of the project, participation included one strategically selected K-2 co-teaching team from each of six city schools. SupportEd provided one full-day professional development session per term to this cohort of teachers, as well as seven on-site coaching visits to each team throughout the school year.

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Tamara Hewlett

Our relationship with SupportEd has been a true model of professional collaboration. The learning that they have provided has been exactly what our schools needed at the time they needed it. The SupportEd team listens well to our needs, are open to suggestions and tweaks and are very flexible. We have truly become partners in the work of building capacity of the staff of our emergent multilingual learners.

— Tamara Hewlett

Supervisor, ELD PreK-12
Montgomery County Public Schools | Maryland

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