Reading School District, Pennsylvania

Our teachers have given us nothing but positive feedback. Registrations fill up quickly for each session. The content is substantive enough to benefit our experienced teachers yet delivered in a manner that is easily understood by our new teachers. These sessions are an essential part of our district’s comprehensive Title III PD plan and well-worth the investment.

-Wanda I. Gonzalez-Crespo

Program Director of Reading School District

Syracuse City School District, New York

As a district committed to meaningful change, we have appreciated how SupportEd was able to take its deep knowledge of our district and work with us to provide collaborative, personalized support. Their commitment to instructional improvement and knowledge of the needs of English language learners has helped us build a deeper understanding of high-quality programs and instruction that will help all of our schools working with this population of students.

-Jacqueline Leroy

Director of ENL, World Languages and Bilingual Education

New York City Department of Education EL Rubric Development Teacher Cohort, New York

My experience on the [EL rubric development teacher cohort] was very positive. It was rewarding to work with language experts, fellow [ESOL] teachers, and content teachers who are invested in their students’ language development. I feel like I grew professionally and have new insights and tools to take back to my classroom.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process and appreciate the voice that classroom teachers were given in the development [of the EL rubrics].

Great cohort of teachers, experts, facilitators who truly cared about planning and leading in-depth discussions and work on/for ELs.

Cherry Hill Public Schools, New Jersey

Great to work with all grade levels and many specialists today. It highlighted the importance of collaboration to help ELs and teachers meet success.

SupportEd did a great job. The PD was informative and well-paced. You had a gracious way of presenting. So knowledgeable.

Lebanon-Lancaster Intermediate Unit, Pennsylvania

I enjoyed learning more ways to make content accessible and engaging to students learning English.

I’m learning the finesse of starting with my own advocacy for ELs and expanding within my sphere of influence to my ELs’ classroom teachers.

Mid-West Regional Bilingual Resource Network, Rochester, New York

Thank you for giving us this time to collaborate. It feels great to actually have uninterrupted planning time to work on a real-world unit/lesson.

I got the time to develop a lesson I will be able to use after break as well as receiving meaningful feedback from peers. It’s WONDERFUL to have my ideas validated.

Rolling Terrace Elementary School, Montgomery County, Maryland

The PD provided excellent time for classroom and ESOL teachers to work together.

This PD was helpful considering half or more of our students are ELs.

This [PD] on collaboration was very valuable. We need to continue this process with primary teachers. It is very important.

Willamsville, New York

Thank you for time to plan. It was a gift! The share at our table today was very beneficial, too.

Loved the planning time. It was extremely helpful.

The co-teaching portion was good/engaging for all. This is the part of the new (state ESOL) regs all need to know.

Very knowledgeable presenters. The information is relevant.