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Increase Academic Language Awareness

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Checklist for Increasing Academic Language Awareness

Teaching academic language to multilingual learners (MLs) is an important component of the English language acquisition process. The Increasing Academic Language Awareness Checklist is a tool for educators to analyze the academic language found in a text that will be used in a lesson or unit. It also helps guide decisions about which features of academic language to prioritize during instruction.


ELD teachers and content teachers can collaborate to use this checklist to do a deep dive and analyze the academic language found in a text that will be used during instruction. Together, teachers can use the analysis to plan mini-lessons to support MLs’ engagement with the text and academic language development. This tool can also be used independently by teachers.

How It Works

Begin by selecting an upcoming text to analyze and note the purpose of using text in the lesson or unit. Then, identify the different levels of academic language (i.e., word/phrase level, sentence level, discourse level, and sociocultural context) found in the text. Finally, prioritize which features of the academic language are important for instruction based on the particular text, the purpose for using the text, and the strengths and needs of the MLs in your class.

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